Hold on to your seat this Ride is about to Start!

It’s June 12th 2018, exactly 1 month and 3 days since we first arrived in Panama City and Guess what we are planning a trip back to South Africa. This is probably one of the scariest and most exciting decisions we have ever made. If you thought deciding to emigrate to Panama was a huge decision. Hold on on to your seats because this story is about to start.


In February 2018 Quantin and I decided to Emigrate to panama on a Friendly Nations visa program. Psyched about our decision we we started selling everything we owned all our house hold items, cars and basically anything that could fit a prise tag, except for a few personal items and items with some sentimental value.

I resigned my job after 9 years of service, we started the residence applications and bought flight tickets. On May 7th 2018 armed with 4 suitcases packed to the brim and just making baggage allowance (which was 30kg per Suitcase and 2 suitcases per person) we set off to our new life in panama.

After some exploring and property viewings we were defiantly feeling the country but could just not get a feel for a property. Through our desperate attempts to find directions in our new journey the story that will follow unfolded.

Now that we have the background out of the way lets all strap in and hold on to our hats because the next 2 years will probably be the most difficult time of our lives and in the same time the most fulfilling.

Ladies and Gentlemen we here by with sweat running down our foreheads present to you:

The “MV Custos” (Guardian – Translated from Latin)

Custos 2016_016=

The Custos is a 1964 Fishing Support Vessel that for the last 18 years have been moored in Mozambique and used as a prawn processing plant for the first 12 years thereof.

So today Quantin and I decided that we will buy this beauty of a vessel and fix her up to be a Luxury Yacht and the great news is we’ll be bring you all along for the ride, with weekly updates on the blog. We will also start a youtube channel for some video action on the journey.

A kind word of advice stock up on the Microwave Popcorn and some Clean X tissue cause this will be a long story with many a moments that will bring tears to your eyes and smiles to your faces.


Elle & Quantin

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